Silver Linings

Through thick and thin, I try to look for silver linings. While working from home during the Covid-19 crisis, being able to enjoy farm life is one of them. I commute almost an hour to work each way so by the time I get home in the evenings Boone has finished what needs to be done for the day on the farm. He wants to enjoy the weekend too so aside from routine feeding there is not much to do.

Staying at home has allowed me to step out at lunch and pitch in with the farm and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always told Boone that by the time I was ready to retire and enjoy the farm, he would be ready to stop farming and want to sell it. We are finally both getting to enjoy it a little more. I have always liked physical work over office work and he gets the benefit of having a helper so we have accomplished a lot.

I have been out walking the fence line looking for breaks.

Boone is slowly clearing some hillsides so I helped with the cleanup.

I found a fox den!

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