Hello 2016

Now that the holidays are over, this is the time of year I start planning….planning on what to put in the garden this spring, where to go camping, what farm/house projects to tackle, and more. From now until around March, Kentucky is normally too cold and raw to do much outside so I sit inside and make lists and plan for warmer days.

Boone is working on putting a woodstove and more lighting in the garage so we can tackle small projects in the evenings in relative comfort. I have already got the Small Project list going: painting lamps, finishing a covered headboard, and painting tins to name a few. The first thing to tackle is the garage itself. Being on a farm brings lots of mud, tools that need sharpening, empty canning jars, feed sacks and such to the garage. It is a catch all for just dropping things off that we will get to later.

The big snow storm left us with around 20” of snow. We were lucky in that we did not lose power. It was hard getting out to feed but we got all the animals taken care.

Neither snow, sleet or rain stops a farmer
Neither snow, sleet or rain stops a farmer
Cows in Snow
Good Morning!

I hope you are warm and safe!

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