His name was Rambo and he had a killer instinct. Yes, he was quite the ladies’ man but quiet and deadly to all others…..

Ha, I am not speaking of the movie character but of Rambo our ram. He is gorgeous, protective and produces beautiful lambs but we cannot step foot in the pasture without being armed and willing to do battle. Knowing that I have a bullseye on my back makes spending time with the lambs much less enjoyable.


Every single ram that we have had, has turned from a sweet boy into an aggressive adult around the age of 2. The thing with rams is that they are quite silent, they just put their head down and charge you. Unless you are constantly watching them you may not hear them coming. Boone has been bounced off of the shed walls, knocked down and generally roughed up by various rams.

Miss Piggy has even had a couple of run-ins with Rambo. When he was about a year and half old, he hopped the electric fence into her enclosure with the intent of doing her bodily harm. Head down, he charged and she basically just caught his head in her mouth. Boone was working on the fence in her area and said it was the oddest thing he had seen so far on the farm….Miss Piggy standing there clamped onto Rambo’s head and Rambo too scared to move a muscle. Boone shook his tool bucket at her and she let Rambo go. Rambo wasted no time hopping back over the fence.

Last week, Miss Piggy’s fence went down during a storm so Boone had to retrieve her from the sheep field. Naturally, while they were walking back to her field, Rambo made a beeline for them. Miss Piggy met him halfway, knocked him down and proceeded to tromp all over him. Once again, shaking the tool bucket brought her back to Boone. Rambo scrambled away unharmed.

It was decided that it was time to bring some new blood into the flock which we do every couple of years anyway so Rambo had to go. He sold quickly and I hope he is happy on his new farm.

Now I can go sit on my overturned bucket in peace to watch the lambs play.

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