Miss Piggy and Pinky on Pasture

We were given Miss Piggy when she was just a little piglet a couple of months old. Being the runt she was relentlessly picked on by her siblings and needed to go to a new home. We raised her in the garden and she went on to have a litter of her own.

All of her piglets were sold with the exception of Pinky. We decided to keep her as company for Miss Piggy and for a fall market pig.


Last spring with garden season nearing they were moved over to the sheep farm in a small pasture of their own. We ran a hose down to it so we didn’t have to pack water and they thrived well. Lots of shade, grass, plus their water tub was set on a small hillside so it would run over to create a mud wallow for them when we topped it off. Husband was given a small trampoline frame, that comes in halves, and with some roofing metal we already had he constructed their shelter. In the winter we’ll stack hay bales at one end to keep the wind out. Pig heaven!


A couple of weeks ago they were moved out to the big field that had a pond and woods. There was much discussion about the easiest and least stressful way to move them. Turns out when Husband started pulling out their house with the ATV they ran right along with it all the way to the new area!

The woods are thick with hickory, black walnuts trees, underbrush and vines. Miss Piggy and Pinky can fatten up on the fallen nuts, and have a pond to themselves while cleaning up the woods for us. 3 strands of electric fencing holds them.


Husband supplements their diet with  vegetables and fruit (at no cost to us!) that our local grocer plans on discarding. He does offer them a bit of mixed feed but has cut the amount drastically since they have little interest in it.


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