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frugal table header2   I am a transplanted suburbanite living on a small Kentucky homestead with my husband, 1 dog, 1 pig (and 10 piglets!), six cows, 18 sheep, and 20 some odd chickens.

My husband is the farmer, I’m the planner. I’m the cook, he’s the dish washer. He’s always been a farmer, I’ve never been a farmer. Maplewood Hill is our sheep farm and while it may not produce a great amount of income it does produce lots of fun, laughter and challenges.

We are a little bit of Mayberry with a whole lot of Green Acres thrown in. Spending time with our family and friends, gardening, cooking from scratch, animals, traveling, nature and the farm are our passions.

Frugal was started to share our crazy farm life with our far flung city dwelling family and friends. I am never going to be 100% green, 100% frugal or 100% anything and that’s okay. It makes me happy to be frugal when I can and I hope you can learn something here that will help you achieve your own level of frugal happiness.