I am a transplanted suburbanite living on a small Kentucky farm with my husband, 1 dog, 1 pig, six cows, 18 sheep, and 20 some odd chickens.

My husband is the farmer, I’m the planner. I’m the cook, he’s the dish washer. He’s always been a farmer, I’ve never been a farmer. Maplewood Hill is our sheep farm and while it may not produce a great amount of income it does produce lots of fun, laughter and challenges.

Growing up with parents from the Depression era taught me a lot about cooking from scratch and learning to spend on what was worthy while saving on what was not. I forgot about it for many years and am now finding my way back to a more frugal lifestyle. It’s all about being more frugal in a 40+ hour work week (with a 30 mile commute!) and living on a farm. I am never going to be 100% green, 100% frugal or 100% anything and that’s okay.

Frugal Table.com was started in 2010 to share our crazy farm life with our city dwelling family and friends. Unfortunately, I experienced a loss of the original posts in 2013 and decided to take a hiatus but we are back up and running. It makes me happy to be frugal when I can and I hope you can learn something here that will help you achieve your own level of frugal happiness.